Ian Partridge  tenor
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Victorian and Edwardian Sporting Songs

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Ian Partridge (tenor)
Peter Savidge (baritone)
Jennifer Partridge (piano)
The Song and Supper Club (director: Andrew Phillips)

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Claud H Hill

Cycling Song   mp3

James L Gallatly

A Rugger Song

Algernon Drummond (arr. Trapp)

The Eton Boating Song

Henry Watson

The Glorious Twelfth

Herbert Preston-Thomas

The Cricketer's Carol

Franklin Ardelle

Won't You Come Over and Play Croquet?

Harriet Kendall

A Game of Tennis

Henry E Pether

Our Football Supper

Odoardo Barri

The Rival Blues

Harry Ball

The Newmarket Coat

J C Macy

Little Tommy Went a Fishing

Herbert Schartau


Charles Coote Junior

I Won her Heart at Billiards

Samuel Corbett

Captain Webb, the Champion Swimmer

Leo Kerbusch

Mountaineer Song

Thomas H Chilvers

Boxing Song

Alfred J Silver

A Hunting Morning

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